This page is a place to post any questions you may have about the Bible, the Christian faith itself, the Presbyterian Church (USA) or our particular congregation here. While I cannot guarantee 24 hour turn around I will check the website weekly and try to respond ASAP. In Christ’s Love, Pastor Steve.


One Response to Questions?

  1. Charles Cubbage says:

    Hi Steve,
    I am pleased to be your new COM liaison person. If you could kindly let me know when your next session meeting is I would be pleased to come and say “Hello” to the members. I look forward to serving your congregation any way I can. I welcome any concerns/suggestions your session members may have regarding Presbytery transparency and other sorts of “stuff”.
    Pat and I attend the First Presbyterian Church in Decatur but you will note our address is Paw Paw. We live on Eagle Lake just N of Decatur. My father was minister in Decatur back in the 1940s – hence our choice of Decatur. Once again, I look forward to our association.

    In faith and hope,

    Chuck Cubbage
    43682 Eagle Lake Dr
    Paw Paw, MI 49079
    269-657-2122 home
    269-655-4404 cell

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