Deacons’ Doings:

Our Deacons at work:

The Deacons envelopes in the pews & back table have been very successful in raising funds for missions. The deacons are considering what needs to support this year. If you have a particular need to be supported please make a deacon aware of that giving possibility.




4 Responses to Deacons’ Doings:

  1. John D says:

    Great update!

  2. Meg Stull says:

    Dear Deacons,

    While I love getting cards that actually say more than “from your church family at United Presbyterian Church” I much prefer cards that actually SAY something. It’s so much nicer to get a card that helps me FEEL like I’m still a part of the church, though I can’t get there.

    I’d also really like to participate in such things as the annual flower sale, and the “make a box” programs – things that I can do on-line, and aren’t very expensive.

  3. sue decker says:

    will be reading the sermons online while we’re here
    so glad to have this website.

  4. Scot Decker says:

    The Book drive is a wonderful idea, it appears that the response has been very good. May the Lord bless those who have given, and who will recieve these offerings. I hope this will become an annual drive.

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